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Aug 17, 2023

Actionable Insights Newsletter – August 2023 Edition

This month, we introduce our pioneering original research paper and brand-new podcast series! Plus, Gen3 news and industry updates. 

Gen3’s Pioneering State-of-Nation Report on the Affiliate Marketing Industry

We recently launched our industry’s first multi-perspective research study, “High Performance and High Demand. The reinvigorated, full-funnel potential of affiliate marketing”.

The research compares consumer reliance on affiliate placements against advertisers’ use and prioritization of affiliate marketing in the omnichannel media mix.

Gen3’s Actionable Insights Podcast

From inside the Gen3 studio, we are thrilled to present Gen3’s first podcast series.

Hosted by Kerry Curran, the Actionable Insights series features prominent industry leaders who generously share their wisdom, equipping you with more actionable insights that can further empower your affiliate marketing journey.

Episode 1: The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

In the first episode, Kerry uncovers the ‘Evolution of Affiliate’ with special guests Michael McNerney, founder of Martech Record and Adam Weiss, former SVP of the Rakuten Affiliate Network. 

Episode 2: Behind the Research

We’re joined by London Research to discuss the background and planning of our first-to-market original research paper exploring the affiliate marketing landscape.

Notable New Clients

Gen3’s News

Gen3 Marketing is proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Agency Team of the Year accolade during the annual Awin & ShareASale Network ThinkTank Awards. We were also honored to receive the Attendee Choice of Agency Team award during the ceremony.

Agency Team of the Year

Attendee Choice of Agency Team

“Gen3 has been a mainstay of the affiliate industry and continues to be a valued agency partner for its brands, as well as with Awin and ShareASale, by consistently maintaining a multi-faceted, collaborative approach to affiliate marketing.”

– Samantha Sherer, Awin Global

Paresh Vadavia was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Rakuten’s 19th Golden Link Awards for his significant role in the affiliate industry. Paresh has also established PareshConnect, a unique networking brand that is now prominent at major US affiliate conferences. Check out PareshConnect.com for future events.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going: events, conferences, & speaking engagements

Affiliate Summit East, NYC

Our Chief Growth Officer, Kerry Curran, opened Affiliate Summit East with a main stage keynote, “The Co-Dependent Customer Journey, Why Brands Need Affiliates More than Ever.” Curran educated the audience with highlights from the Gen3 original research paper.

September 11-14, Santa Barbara, CA

eTail Canada 2023
September 27-28, Toronto, ON
PI LIVE Europe
October 24-25, London, UK

Martech Record Features Gen3’s HR Director in New Career Management Speaker Series Launch

Melissa Brandford, HR Director shared tips for achieving success in affiliate marketing. In addition to her professional journey and daily routines at Gen3, Brandford provided actionable insights for managing talent, culture, and HR operations.

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