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Tired of spinning your wheels with affiliate marketing? 

Your products are cutting edge.Your affiliate program should be too. 

With more than two decades of experience managing, building, and growing affiliate marketing programs for tech companies, Gen3 Marketing knows what it takes to build high-powered affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Mountains of Data, Deeper Insights 

You need a data-driven, insight-rich affiliate marketing partner. 

No one possesses as much data as Gen3. Over the past 16+years, we’ve collected mountains of proprietary data from the hundreds of affiliate marketing campaigns that we’ve run. 

And, we’re network agnostic, which means we work with ALL the major affiliate marketing networks. This allows us to gather data across all the networksWe leverage ALL our data and expertise on your behalf, crafting highly optimized technology affiliate marketing campaigns that increase visibility and brand exposure.  

We know what works. We know how to take your affiliate program from good to great. And we know how to help you generate more sales. 

    We’ve Got Leverage 

    Our research shows that 53% of consumers search the web during the research phase of the buying journey, and 48% of consumers utilize expert review sites. 

    You need to show up in those searches and on those expert review sites. That’s where Gen3 comes in. 

    In addition to decades of experience and mountains of data, we also have the strongest publisher relationships and most buying power in the industry. 

    This allows us to negotiate the absolute BEST rates for you and your campaigns. 

    Gen3 ensures your affiliate program is a ROI juggernaut by securing high-profile publishers and matching your brand with the perfect influencers. 

    See how Gen3 helped Chicco increase overall performance by a whopping 1,000% 

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    Is Your Affiliate Program Doing the Heavy Lifting? 

    Most brands see between 7 – 10% of their online sales come from their affiliate channels. But we’re not content with the average. 

    We double the average, with our clients seeing 10 – 20% or more of their sales come from the affiliate program. And it doesn’t stop there. 

    Within six months of working with Gen3, you’ll begin to see BIG gains. We’re talking mind-blowing growth, month-over-month, year-over-year. 

    How do we achieve this growth? By being customer success obsessed. We always have your interests in mind, and we will always do what is best for you. 

      Our Happy Clients Include

      From Awareness to Ambassadors 

      Don’t settle for one-and-done with your customers. 

      Create deep love for your brand by creating meaningful customer connections at every step of the customer journey. 

      Lead your audience through a seamless journey, starting from their initial awareness and guiding them to evolve into passionate brand ambassadors. 

      A full-funnel approach will boost your affiliate marketing impact. That’s why we offer a spectrum of digital marketing services in our wheelhouse

      Influencer Marketing

      Paid Media

      Partnership Marketing

      Performance PR


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