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How does Gen3 compare to other affiliate marketing agencies?

In our case, being the biggest really does mean being the best. As the largest independent affiliate marketing agency in the world, our award-winning team has a global presence. We push the boundaries of strategic partner development and can service nearly any industry.

Award Winning Team

We’ve won plenty of awards over the years and bring this same commitment to quality to every partnership.

Network Certifications

Our team helps drive the technology roadmap for the leading affiliate platforms.

Partner Development

Global repository of leading publishers and influencers across all verticals.

Industry Benchmarks

Access to vertical specific performance trend data across multiple affiliate platforms.

Our status and scale allow us to make inroads in affiliate circles that are impossible for our competitors to imitate.

Unique Data

Our unmatched size gives us access to a breadth of data unavailable to any other agency. That reach translates into world-class relationships with publishers and networks that operate on a deeper level. This yields higher returns than our competition.

Buying Power

It’s that same scale that provides Gen3 with unrivaled buying power. We do more business with publishers than any other affiliate agency. This is something every publisher or network remembers when it’s time to engage.

Account Team

Size and experience matter when building an agency team as well. At Gen3, account managers outnumber and outwork competing affiliate teams. We also employ some of the most tenured professionals in the channel.

The difference is big, and the results speak for themselves.

How will Gen3 manage your affiliate partnerships?

Gen3 provides every service required to build and maintain an affiliate program for you that generates meaningful, incremental growth, including:

Building a program for launch in your choice of affiliate networks.
Developing and evolving your program’s strategy and budget.
Negotiating with affiliate
Managing, nurturing, and corresponding with your critical
affiliate relationships.
Assisting in integration and administration.
Recruiting targeted affiliates for meaningful brand representation.
Optimizing affiliate relationships with strategic, goal-driven online strategies.
Approving affiliate partnerships based on your unique direction.
Overseeing affiliate program management.
Analyzing channel trends and performance.
Reporting on insights, milestones, sales, recruitment, and profitability.
Testing innovative ways to promote your brand and learning from those tests to inspire continuous improvement.

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