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Supercharge your full-funnel performance marketing program.

Gen3 Marketing offers the first and only dedicated Performance PR team in the industry. Have your brand featured in some of the largest publications in the world and grow brand awareness like never before. Start driving more traffic and sales today.
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The importance of Performance PR

In the 2023 original research paper, “High Performance, High Demand, the reinvigorated, full-funnel potential of affiliate marketing” over 2,000 consumers were surveyed about their online shopping behavior.

Respondents reported favoring mass media publisher magazines 62% more than retail marketplaces when looking for shopping inspiration.

37% of respondents report starting with popular magazines vs. 24% Search Engines and 21% Retail Marketplaces.

For brand advertisers, this is a significant data point supporting the importance of investing in content placements.

Brands that can connect with the intentional or unintentional mass media content reader and inspire a desire to purchase the promoted item, have increased potential to stay top of mind with the shopper through the completed purchase.

Foster Credibility & Promote Trust

Performance PR generates powerful endorsements that foster credibility and promote trust with new audiences. When they see your brand promoted in a highly trusted and credible publication, that trustworthiness is passed on to your brand. The value of third-party endorsements, especially during the research and consideration phases of the consumer decision journey, builds credibility and therefore likelihood of purchase.  

Your brand benefits from the early introduction during the inspiration phase as you become top of mind at the start of the journey. Increased prospective customer connections throughout the journey, strengthened with the mass media publisher endorsement, improves credibility and familiarity as they make their decision.  

Create Powerful Full-Funnel Connections

With a diverse array of commerce content, you can inform, educate, and guide your audience with their purchase decisions. Build brand awareness through brand features and drive traffic and sales through commissionable links from a credible publication.

Whether through SEO-ranked content, dedicated reviews, listicles, native checkout, syndication, or awards, diverse commerce content through Performance PR puts your brand in front of the right audience at the right time.

It’s a highly effective way to drive higher conversions, increase ROI, and grow performance marketing programs.

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Stronger relationships. Better results.

With years of experience and a deep network of publisher relationships, we work alongside your team to create powerful Performance PR content that gets maximum ROI for your brand.

We have the knowledge and expertise to create and secure commerce content that resonates with your audience and drives real results.

Our dedicated team of experts maintains strong partnerships with top-tier mass media companies to facilitate premium content coverage that drives performance and builds brand awareness.

Merging traditional affiliate and public relations strategies, we’ll create premium content that tells your brand story and drives measurable traffic and revenue through affiliate placements.

Deep Partnerships

Gen3 fosters deep, strong relationships with key mass media partners to create a better understanding of your brand, grow your audience, and drive more sales.

By leveraging our extensive publisher network, we’re able to extend the reach of your brand to qualified audiences that may have previously been unreachable.

A few of our premium content partners include Dotdash Meredith, Condé Nast, Gannett, Hearst, and New York Times brands.

The most experienced premium content team in the industry

Work with a dedicated team that is obsessed with your success. Let us utilize our unmatched years of experience to deliver unmatched results.

Gen3 Marketing is an award-winning agency and a pioneer in the affiliate marketing space. As the largest independent affiliate marketing agency in the world, we make it our mission to provide you with world-class outcomes.

Proven Strategies. Dedicated Team.

When it comes to Performance PR, you can’t afford guesswork. Traditional PR tactics and strategies do not always transfer for affiliate marketing based Performance PR.

You need a dedicated mass media partnerships team that has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, and you need processes that have been refined and tested over many years.

Our team manages all aspects of your brand’s performance PR strategy, with a process that’s proven and effective. We promote a compelling brand story that aligns with editorial timelines while achieving your program’s objectives.

  1. We implement competitive affiliate and PR strategies to diversify affiliate content, scalable via paid, and CPA-based efforts.
  2. We know what content drives traffic and sales for brands, what commission publications need for recruitment, and what placements publications offer.
  3. We conduct communications planning and strategy that incorporate both the publication’s editorial calendars and the brand’s marketing calendars.
  4. We negotiate placements and editorial content through competitive industry commissions or dedicated flat fee spend to elevate brand campaigns and key promotional dates.

Clear Reporting.
No Fuzzy Numbers.

Don’t settle for less-than-clear data or outcomes. When it comes to commerce content, we offer robust reporting to inform our approach and ensure you understand the results you’re getting.

We measure premium content’s impact by utilizing industry affiliate and PR tools. The result is a well-rounded performance and brand awareness analysis.

Our reporting combines BOTH affiliate and PR KPIs to effectively measure content performance and brand storytelling.

Common premium content KPIs include percent of program traffic, return on average spend (ROAS), press hits, engagement, and unique monthly visitors.

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Commerce Content in Action

If you’re looking for a greater understanding of premium affiliate content, it’s best to see it in action. We’ve showcased some examples below.

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Client: Paravel / Publisher: Travel & Leisure

The Best Carry-on Luggage of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Client: Lumin Skin / Publisher: Rolling Stone

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