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Amazon Advertising Bid Management Strategy

Sep 18, 2020

BLUE BELL, Pa. – Gen3 Marketing’s management team is excited to introduce an expansion to its PPC management service, now featuring Amazon Advertising campaign management. The company’s recent acquisition of ThePerformanceCompany.com included the addition of Amazon Advertising professionals with the experience to help develop a best-in-class proprietary bid management tool, allowing the agency to expand its service offering to Amazon Advertising campaigns.

Focusing on efficiencies that support optimizations from wide-net keyword discovery to highly targeted power-selling, Gen3’s layered bidding strategy combines with rules-based automation to optimize campaigns in a scalable way that allows for hyper-efficiency and rapid growth.

Jarrett Embry, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Gen3, contributed his thoughts on the Amazon Advertising service expansion, “Gen3 is well positioned to optimize advertisers’ presence on Amazon.com, focusing on efficiencies that support scaled growth with controlled ACoS.”

Gen3 recently released a Case Study which features the Amazon Advertising optimization results achieved on behalf of Chicco USA, proving significant growth could be attained while focusing Gen3 team know-how and the tool’s bid automation capabilities. The study highlights significant sell-through of previously underperforming product categories on the Amazon selling platform.

Embry added, “the key to the success of this new business line at Gen3 is our team of bright professionals that meticulously tailor campaigns to suit client goals, leveraging our proprietary bid management tool to drive growth that exceeds client expectations.”

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