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118% Revenue Surge: Mastering Affiliate Diversification 

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Revenue goal achieved.


Increase in revenue during placement periods.


Improvement in ROAS.


A children’s clothing brand faced a pivotal moment, aiming to expand their affiliate program. Relying heavily on their top 10 publishers for 91% of their demand, the brand struggled with internal limitations in managing their program, making it challenging to recruit, optimize, and communicate effectively with new publishers. Additionally, they encountered difficulties in navigating their existing affiliate platform.


Gen3 swiftly restructured the affiliate program, implementing a segmented commission structure tailored to different publisher types. This led to a thorough review of over 400 publisher applications, resulting in the addition of 80+ high-quality publishers, carefully selected based on their site aesthetics, content relevance, and posting frequency. The strategy included a comprehensive placement approach and the development of various reporting tools for better decision-making, including weekly performance reports and a placement performance tracker.


  • Achieved an impressive 118% of the annual revenue goal.
  • Sent out 124 newsletters throughout the year, a significant increase from the previous four.
  • Revenue during placement periods surged by 79%.
  • The number of click-active partners rose by 84% YoY.
  • Reduced top 10 publisher contribution to 81%, diversifying the program.
  • Enhanced cost efficiency with a 26% increase in revenue, while maintaining the same spending, resulting in a 25% improvement in ROAS.

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