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World Wide Stereo (WWS) and one of their manufacturing partners, Klipsch, released a pair of true wireless earbuds manufactured in partnership with McLaren for both premium sound quality and durability. WWS needed a budget-savvy plan for custom content to increase online coverage of the new Klipsch product, driving incremental traffic and sales to WWS from large content publishers, as well as affinity-based niche partners in the premium audio space, and those targeting car enthusiasts.

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While staying within an additional budget of approximately $25k, the Gen3 affiliate team recruited and activated six content partners for the campaign, securing four sponsored content pieces with the available budget and two dedicated YouTube video reviews in exchange for gifted product.

Activated partners included Men’s Journal, Digital Trends, DriveTribe, Carl Murawski, and Beastmade Reviews—the latter three being entirely new to the WWS program. Two of the partners were activated exclusively with gifted product and affiliate commissions only, reducing budgetary impact while materially extending reach.


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increase in YoY traffic contribution from content partners (From 25% to 45%)
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AOV (Average-Order-Value) increase
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Approximate effective CPC, well below the $4.05 average reported by Computers & Consumer Electronics in 2020.

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