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Jul 12, 2020

The Roles of SEO and Affiliate: Do Affiliate Links Help with SEO?

It’s a common question—one that could use a good answer:

Does affiliate activity directly tie into SEO value?

To answer “yes” would be somewhat misleading. In most cases, SEO values remain separate from affiliate activity—once an end user clicks a link and is redirected to an advertiser’s site, SEO value is typically irrelevant.

However, there are ways in which the two can intertwine and create optimal areas to focus your affiliate efforts.

One such area is perpetual content. Perpetual content typically takes the form of “Best of” or “Top 10” articles. Think “Top 10 Water Bottles for Summer 2021” or “Best Headphones for Your Christmas Gift List.”

Articles of this nature are SEO optimized and retain relevancy over a longer period of time than a one-off informational piece, making them more likely to garner sustained attention from searchers.

Searchers could continue to visit these pieces for a month or even a year, based on the timeframe of the content. If your product is on the list, that means you’re linked into a stream of traffic that refreshes itself, and stays strong as a piece of top-of-funnel content.

Using your affiliate efforts to add your product to these search-optimized lists can create a useful intersection of energy—the publisher’s SEO work naturally leads consumers to your products.

Publishers are looking at the highest queries for organic searches, and using that information to help prioritize what verticals, product categories, and advertisers they want to focus on. Having your product aligned with these organic searches can further harness the publisher’s SEO power.

There are also ways to create more traditional awareness through publishers with strong SEO approaches, such as having a store page on a publisher site, an opportunity where you can make special offers like “free shipping” in order to occupy as much shelf space as possible.

The goal is always to take away market share from competitors, and sometimes this outweighs focusing on inter-channel attribution.

There are also other ways you could work with publishers to have your affiliate efforts intersect with their SEO tactics, such as:

-Not utilizing a network tracking link.
-Putting together a team to negotiate and navigate potential pitfalls and losses of transparency.
-Setting up an internal apparatus to measure and create, based on data.

Gen3’s deep knowledge of not just affiliate, but SEO as well, allows us to take advantage of the important relationship between the two, and move your product into the spotlight—by any means necessary.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll get started.

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