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Apr 24, 2021

PUBLISHER SPOTLIGHT 1: Meredith Corporation

When’s the last time you stood in line at a supermarket?

It doesn’t really matter where or when—chances are, as you waited, your eyes scanned a number of publications in the check-out aisle.

Style, Real Simple, Shape, Health. All publications are owned and operated by Meredith Corporation, a sizable media corporation that manages the digital properties of all of these recognizable titles.

In partnership with Meredith, Gen3 offers a CPC (cost per click) package that makes a very simple promise: $10,000 for 10,000 clicks—all garnered through these high-profile digital properties.

It works—as both a driver of sales and a brand awareness booster.

But here’s the big trick: brand leaders must trust that the editors will do right by them, and let the publications have total editorial control and discretion. Only by allowing Meredith to genuinely choose the publications and channels they think fit the content, then allowing their publications to run with them, can true organic content be generated—the kind that gets real clicks.

Together, we reach an agreement to let editors generate great content, then we establish affiliate tracking links for all pieces that go live, allowing us to track performance metrics across the board. With these tracking links, we can see all the numbers, and measure ROAS (return on ad spend) at the end of the campaign to gauge its success.

And successful it is. Gen3 has run this CPC campaign many times, to great effect. Why? Well, one of the reasons is that running a CPC campaign in this style really does produce premium content.

Often, the types of exposure reaped through affiliate channels can seem a little less than “cool,” but in the case of Meredith, it’s exciting to see brand content seamlessly offered in such well known and recognizable publications. It adds both a quality draw, and an excitement factor—these are content brands with a lot of everyday clout.

It’s exciting to see your brand’s content paired with magazine names that everyone knows and sees every day in public. Getting into the digital versions of these check-out aisle magazines can generate unique buzz.

If you’re comfortable putting your brand into the hands of a capable and sizable publisher like Meredith, you can expect great returns in the form of brand awareness—and across other valuable metrics as well.

$10,000 for 10,000 clicks. It works. Talk to the team at Gen3 if you’re interested in this exciting way to generate brand awareness.

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