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Feb 9, 2021

140 Teammates. Offices in Three Countries. Big Growth— During a Global Pandemic.

When COVID hit, Gen3 hit back.

Although the pandemic effectively closed our physical offices in the US, Canada and the UK, interaction between individual team members never wavered. Gen3 isn’t only thriving, we’re growing.

Working and collaborating across multiple time-zones, it’s fair to say the Gen3 machine is always on

By the time the lights dim on our teams in England, our teams in North America are already hammering away, working to bring our clients the winning affiliate solutions for which we’re known.

It’s simple—numbers don’t lie. When comparing 2019 to 2020, the results are clear: our clients have grown their revenue in the programs we manage for them.

How? Well, our secret to success starts with our recruiting.

We have great people rowing all the time—teams made up of diverse members that love continually bouncing ideas back and forth so that we consider every possible approach to ensure our clients are profitable and happy.

Gen3 recruits high achievers who are excellent communicators. Our teammates have an eye for new ideas and opportunities, and they are quick to jump on a video call or email thread to guide clients to success. The brainstorm never stops—through every time zone, our teams are engaging and communicating with clients and each other to identify the best solutions to maintain a competitive edge.

Gen3 fine-tunes general marketing principles to client specifications, then connects with publishers who can spread the message. Our team can pinpoint influencers in niche markets who can persuade their audiences to buy specific products from our clients.

Every member on every team is an expert on all marketing models. We take general ideas, discuss goals, then we tailor the principles and adjust for real like to achieve our clients’ goals.

We constantly look at industry trends to elevate our clients from average to top performers using best practices and our team-based approach.

To learn more about how Gen3 can rapidly grow your business, review our case studies and contact our team for a consultation.

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