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Actionable Insights Newsletter – February 2024 Edition

From inspiration to purchase, publishers of all types dominate the consumer journey. A diverse, customized publisher mix is the key to success. This month we’re highlighting the importance of the full-funnel publisher mix and Gen3’s publisher development team.

We leverage 17+ years of relationships and experience to foster mutually beneficial brand advertiser and publisher partnerships for the greatest client results.

Where do you go during the following stages of the purchase decision-making process?

Our graph above reiterates the need for a diverse publisher mix. Each of the 2,000 consumers surveyed reported visiting affiliate publishers during the stages of their purchase process.

Every affiliate publisher plays a role in carrying your prospective customer from inspiration to purchase to repeat purchase. This data also indicates how nuanced customer journeys can be and the limited role brands’ properties play in those journeys.

Learn more about the consumer shopping behavior uncovered in our original research.

Actionable Insights Podcast

The secret sauce to Gen3 clients’ success is our extraordinary publisher development team. Listen today to learn more about how we source and build relationships with the best affiliate publishers.

Notable New Clients

P is Performance: Unveiling 5 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Today’s Full-Funnel Excellence

Gen3 team members

Kerry Curran (CGO), Yesica Lepe (Director of Content Partnerships), were joined on stage by Meg Kernahan from Conde Nast, and Jamie Zimmerman from Gen3’s valued client ThirdLove.

Where We’ve Been

Affiliate Summit West, the world’s largest performance marketing conference, kicked off another exciting year in our fast-paced industry.

From engaging sessions and emerging opportunities, ASW24 covered advanced affiliate management, performance pr, influencer marketing, and more. As always, the valuable networking opportunities with advertisers, publishers, tech partners, and brands, fostered relationships both new and old.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Gen3 booth or joined us at PareshConnect. An extra big thank you to the Affiliate Summit team for organizing such an outstanding event.

Special shout out to our EVP, Paresh Vadavia who attended ASW for the 18th year in a row!

Where We’re Headed

Gen3 Marketing’s EVP Paresh Vadavia will be heading back to Las Vegas to attend Shoptalk 2024!

Will you be attending? Please email pvadavia@gen3marketing.com to book a meeting in advance.

Congratulations to our partners CJ Affiliate, impact.com, Rakuten, AWIN, AvantLink, and Partnerize!

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