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Jul 27, 2022

Gen3 Win Agency of the Year

On Monday, June 27th Gen3 Marketing would pick up the 2022 Agency of the Year award at this year’s Rakuten Golden Links Awards that took place in Austin, TX.  

The OPM Agency of the Year award represents an OPM or Agency that demonstrates an outstanding job managing Affiliate Marketing programs, demonstrating both industry knowledge and analytical skills while mastering the tools and technology available in Rakuten Advertising Affiliate. 

Director of Affiliate Marketing Alicia Exley was presented with the award and delivered a very graceful speech along with a handful of very stylish team members from across the business. Have a look back on the award-winning evening HERE 

The Gen3 Marketing family has continued to expand after its initial acquisition of OPM Pros in 2019. The subsequent years have seen Affiliate Manager.com, Optimus-pm and most recently, Oak Digital joining the worldwide agency. 

A delighted Gen3 CEO Andy Cantos would state shortly after the win: “Whilst each individual agency has won its fair share of awards over the years, this award win is particularly meaningful for two reasons. The first being the industry clearly recognizes that the sum of our businesses is greater than its respective parts and secondly, we were able to share this accomplishment as one.” 

The 2022 Dealmaker event would also see the welcome return of PareshConnect after a two-year hiatus which took place at the Dogwood in downtown Austin. The event sponsored by Honey, would see over 400+ people in attendance as guests reconnected with industry peers and cultivated deeper relationships in a relaxed setting. 

It has been another successful year as the Gen3 Marketing group has continued to evolve and this award recognizes the hard work throughout the Gen3 family.