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Gen3 Marketing & CJU23

The team is thrilled to announce our upcoming participation at CJU23, set to take place in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara.

As we eagerly anticipate this two-day event, we are excited to share details about our team members who will be attending and highlight a special episode of our Actionable Insights podcast featuring CJ President Paul Tibbitt.

However, before we dive into the conference itself, let’s first take a closer look at the exclusive Gen3 networking event, PareshConnect, scheduled on the eve of the conference. Presented in partnership with Mobavenue Media, SitePlug, and Ibotta, Inc., this event promises to be a night of connection, collaboration, and celebration. 

Returning to the Wildcat Lounge in Santa Barbara, prepare to be amazed by the talents of magician Max Zawacki and serenaded by the soulful sounds of saxophonists Justin Ward. Also included in the line-up is the excellent DJ Matty Matt who will be crafting the soundtrack to the evening!  

It is an evening designed to leave you with
unforgettable memories.


Wildcat Lounge | 8:00 pm

We kindly thank everyone who has already RSVP’d, and we ask attendees to share this reminder with friends and partners travelling to CJU23 Santa Barbara who would like to attend PareshConnect and ask them to RSVP here by 6pm on Friday, September 8.

Max Zawacki

Special Guest:

Max Zawacki

We are excited to gather the affiliate industry’s leaders at one exclusive event with the special participation of Max Zawacki, a Magician & Sleight-of-Hand Expert.

Check out this video, here and you can follow him on Instagram @zawackimagic


Special Guest:

Justin Ward

Performer musician from San Francisco has also gained notoriety with street performances worldwide.

Check him out on Instagram @justinwardmusic

Check out his website www.justinwardmusic.com

View videos from PareshConnect CJU22, CJU18 & CJU16!

Book a meeting with the team

Following the release of the CJ Ambassador list for 2023, the Gen3 team once again listed as the top agency with over 70 team members (x2 more than any other agency) displaying their mastery on the CJ Network and the affiliate market.

Please reach out to the Gen3 Marketing team who will be attending CJU23

Gen3 Team Members include:  

Paresh Vadavia – Executive Vice President 

Leilana Cantrell – Senior Vice President 

Lianne Heuvelink – Senior Director  

Kendra Wilson – Affiliate Manager  

MaCarrin Tucker – Affiliate Manager  

The Gen3 team will also have a table during the Growth Expo on Tuesday from 14:00 – 16:30 

Growth starts with the right partners, and the Growth Expo is the place to meet the publishers, advertisers, and partners that are driving affiliate’s growth in the US and global markets.

In conversation with Paul Tibbitt, President of CJ

Have you heard? Gen3 Marketing has a brand-new podcast series titled Actionable Insights, exploring learnings, and thought leadership to drive better business results by improving your affiliate marketing programs.

In the latest episode, Paul Tibbitt, President of CJ explains how affiliate marketing can seamlessly integrate into your broader omnichannel strategy and unlock incredible potential for your brand.

Plus, Paul gives a sneak peek about CJU23, where networking and learning opportunities abound in the affiliate marketing industry.

Listen to the podcast HERE

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Gen3 is a global performance marketing agency specializing in affiliate marketing. As the most awarded affiliate marketing agency, we leverage our 16+ years of relationship management expertise and data-driven capabilities to transform businesses. From premium content to deals and loyalty, we build and maintain full-funnel programs that drive consistent customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Important Information

This PareshConnect event by Gen3 Marketing is open to all CJU 2023 attendees. However, Agencies and OPM’s that offer affiliate marketing management solutions will not be granted access to the event. If you have RSVP’d and identified as an agency, your name will be removed from the list. 

Please note* if your name is not on the RSVP list – entry will not be granted.


How can Gen3 do more for you

If you are a publisher and looking to do more for your clients with Gen3 Marketing, please reach out to Lianne Heuvelink. Alternatively, if you are an advertiser that would like to learn more about how Gen3 Marketing is helping 500+ clients maximize their affiliate efforts, please reach out to sales@gen3marketing.com 

Reach out to Gen3 Marketing to find out how you can help grow your affiliate marketing channel

Now the largest affiliate marketing agency in the world, Gen3 Marketing employs over 200 team members managing more than 500 programs in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, Gen3 Marketing boasts unparalleled leverage with publishers and networks, enabling it to offer exclusive access to preferred publisher opportunities, preferential rates, and beta programs. 

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