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Jun 28, 2023

Events & Conferences

It feels like a lifetime time ago when affiliate conferences had to pause due to the pandemic. Now, more than ever, people in this industry realize how essential these events are for building friendships and professional connections with networks, publishers, and partner’s while discovering new technology and emerging trends.

Gen3 Marketing has consistently placed a great deal of value on attending affiliate conferences. However, in the wake of the pandemic, we have come to place even greater emphasis on participating in these events. We take pride in fostering our global team and providing them opportunities to attend conferences that will enrich their understanding while creating valuable connections; ultimately benefiting both Gen3 and our clients!

With June nearing its conclusion, the Gen3 team is preparing to head home following another successful month on the road. We have already completed a trip to New York City and are now in Chicago to conclude this month’s schedule.


June 13/14, New York City
IPX 2023

New York City was the setting for the 2023 Partnership Experience conference, expertly hosted by impact.com. True to its name, attendees engaged in PXA workshop and breakout sessions, gaining further experience and knowledge of best practices, tactics, and experiences from the industry’s top performers. 

Referring to the top performers, Gen3’s CGO Kerry Curran engaged in her first conference panel at iPX23 and shared valuable business insights during a conversation titled ‘Hacking an Economic Downturn’. This discussion analyzed trends for enhancing partnership strategies amidst challenging economic conditions. 

Awin ThinkTank US 2023

June 27, Chicago, IL 
AWIN 2023

After a four-year break, Awin returned to Chicago for the highly anticipated ThinkTank US conference. Over 300 advertisers, publishers, and technology partners gained access to enriching leadership insights and educational workshops as well as valuable in-person networking opportunities.

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