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May 13, 2021

Publisher Spotlight #2: Giving Assistant

For some time now, Gen3 has been doing work with a unique and good-hearted publisher called Giving Assistant.

Giving Assistant is unique for its rewards program. Instead of offering the shopper personal rewards, they offer the shopper a chance to give back by sending their rewards to a non-profit of their choice.

They cultivate close relationships with non-profits, and allow customers the choice to keep their cash rewards or to siphon them to any of the non-profits in the Giving Assistant network.

It’s up to the customer how much of their rewards they’d like to donate to a non-profit. The shopper chooses what percentage of their rewards they’d like to keep, and how much they’d like to donate.

Giving Assistant provides shoppers with the chance to feel like they are doing something valuable and helpful while they shop, connecting them to a larger world and community, while still getting what they came for. It’s shopping for a greater cause.

Recently, Giving Assistant has been seeing a significant uptick in revenue generation, because they’ve launched some new content opportunities. They’ve added on a blog, created opportunities for coupons, and begun accommodating larger affiliate channels—maximizing brand opportunities.

For advertisers interested in a “giving back” buzz and tapping into shoppers who are drawn by this kind of donation platform, Giving Assistant is becoming a real powerhouse. They have writers on their side who are now creating content tailored for holidays and top products in tech verticals.

Giving Assistant’s unique donation-rewards approach adds an extra layer of engagement. Customers don’t just think of them as a place to go find deals and purchase goods, but as a place where they can find deals and do good. Every purchase gives them something extra to feel good about.

Gen3 has been seeing some considerable recent success in partnership with Giving Assistant. One factor being GA’s beefed-up email outreach, which doesn’t just feature products, but non-profits as well, allowing customers to learn more about these non-profits and provide exposure for great causes.

Gen3 is proud to work with a publisher like Giving Assistant, and is developing many new opportunities for tailoring unique packages for affiliate engagement.

In general, we’re seeing these types of publishers grow in popularity—a trend we’ve identified by looking at 200+ advertisers. It’s just the kind of cutting-edge thinking that sets Gen3 apart. We’re always surveying the landscape and catching onto new and compelling opportunities.

Connect with Gen3 if you’re interested in partnering with a publisher like Giving Assistant to put your brand’s name behind a great cause!

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