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Why Affiliate Marketing?

We’re so glad you asked!

With unparalleled data and insights, our affiliate agency will craft a campaign that gets you the best bang for your buck. Read on to learn the power of affiliate marketing and why we see more success than other affiliate marketing companies.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

The power of affiliate marketing compared to other channels is that you pay for performance – not just the possibility of performance.  

Affiliate marketing is a CPA-based channel vital to the success of a brand’s ecommerce strategy. With affiliate marketing, publishers receive a commission by partnering on the promotion of said brand. 

Publishers leverage an affiliate link (aka, tracking link) for a brand’s  products or services they want to promote as part of their marketing strategy. This awards the publisher a payout each time an action is completed and is most commonly based on a sale or conversion. 

Alternate payout strategies can be based on traffic, leads, sign-ups, downloads, or nearly any customer action depending on the brand’s KPIs and measure of success. 

The cornerstones of a successful affiliate partner marketing program often include quality content and landing pages with a focus on the brand’s target audience or a company’s products. 

    Why Is Affiliate Marketing Important? 

    Even if you’re selling the best products at the best prices, qualified buyers won’t always find you by accident. That’s why you need an affiliate marketing program. 

    Affiliate marketing strategies can generate the qualified traffic you need to create a sustainable return on investment. The best programs will also increase long-term sales for your business. New and returning customers, acquired through your affiliate program, can increase long-term sales for your business and contribute significantly to your overall LTV. 

    From Above The Funnel To Above The Rest

     Drive customer awareness all the way to the point of purchase (and beyond). Our full-service affiliate marketing agency takes a full-funnel approach. We help you meet your customers right where they are. And engage with them at every stage of their journey.  

    Unlike other channels, which are often limited to a particular stage of the marketing funnel, affiliate marketing allows you to connect with your customers no matter where they are in the funnel.  We help you generate brand love by creating meaningful customer connections. From awareness to ambassador, your powerful full-funnel connections will bring them back again and again. (Full-funnel for the win!)  

    Raise the ROAS

    Get the results that you’ve been dreaming of.  As the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency, we have run more campaigns and have more data than anyone else in the industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands.  

    All that data allows us to know exactly what will move the needle and drive the greatest ROI for your business. Here are just a few examples. 

    • Paula’s Choice Sees 209% YoY Increase In Content Partner Revenue [link to case study] 
    • Lorex Achieves 200% Growth with Deep Dive Analysis [link to case study] 
    • A New Amazon PPC Approach Drives 10X Growth for Chicco [link to case study] 

    Performance Marketing
    at it’s best

    It’s no coincidence that we’re the largest independent affiliate marketing agency in the world.

    Gen3 has spent the last two decades developing a tried and tested approach to affiliate marketing solutions. Our data-driven methodology is tuned to yield meaningful growth, directly benefiting your bottom line. 

    Generate the traffic you need to create a sustainable ROI while increasing long-term sales for your brand. Work with the best in the business to push your performance  marketing program to its full potential with the following performance marketing services

    Affiliate Marketing

    Partnership Marketing

    Performance PR

    Influencer Marketing

    Financial Services

    Paid Media


    Why Is Gen3 Marketing The Best Choice For Affiliate Marketing? 

    Your brand and affiliate program deserve the best.  

    We foster deep, high-quality publisher relationships in every vertical. Likewise, we develop balanced, insightful affiliate strategies that are customized to accommodate every client’s unique brand and needs. 

    Gen3 has encountered and created a solution for every practical challenge that may arise in pursuit of successful affiliate marketing optimization. We’ve honed our expertise through the implementation of successful affiliate practices. With the expansion of our support and services, our growth in the channel is unparalleled.  

    Synergy From Day One

    Amplify your marketing efforts. You’ve already got a marketing team in place that’s doing awesome things. Let us integrate seamlessly with your team, coming alongside what you’re already doing and adding even greater ROI to it. From day one, we’ll identify and develop efficiencies, helping you quickly reduce costs and increase campaign effectiveness.

    We immerse ourselves in your processes and business culture, collaborating directly with your team. For this reason, when you become a Gen3 client and partner, you experience the best full–service affiliate program management available.

    Our team’s dedication to client satisfaction is unparalleled in the affiliate arena. As an extension of your team, we keep a regular cadence of communication. Our account managers will check in and review progress regularly to deliver continuous, measurable improvement. We will also provide comprehensive reporting to share with the rest of the team.

    With Affiliate Marketing, 1+1=3

    Already working with a PR agency? This affiliate management agency loves PR. Already working with an SEO company? Our affiliate programs love SEO. Already working with a paid media agency? You guessed it. Our affiliate marketing company loves paid media (That’s why we offer it as a service, too)!

    We are happy to partner with your existing agencies and achieve ridiculously impressive results together.

    Lacking Bandwidth Or Feeling Stagnant?

    Stop spinning your wheels. It’s time to breathe life into your affiliate program. With the most historical data in the industry, we know how to move the needle. Providing you with the highest ROI possible. Within six months you’ll start to see mind blowing month-over-month, year-over-year growth. Like clockwork.

    Client Over Network

    You and your business’s growth are the number one priority every time. Because we work with all the major affiliate networks, we can gather and leverage data from them all. Let’s use the network that works best for you.

    We work with CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Advertising, Impact, Awin, and every other major affiliate network. This helps us match you with the best publishers for your business goals and extract the most actionable data for optimizing your affiliate program.


    How Does Gen3 Compare To Other Affiliate Marketing Agencies? 

    In our case, being the biggest really does mean being the best. As the largest affiliate marketing agency in the world, our award-winning team has a global presence. We push the boundaries of strategic partner development and can service nearly any industry. 

    We’ll throw the weight of our experience behind your campaigns, helping you create a marketing juggernaut. Gen3’s leadership has decades of affiliate experience, dating back to the earliest days of the dot-com boom.  

    Gen3 Has More Experience Than Anyone Else

    We’ve never stopped learning. Our experts have guided hundreds of clients to success, championing their businesses through a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through meticulous planning and incisive testing, we’ve earned a track record that shines through in all we do.

    When we bring our experience to your own affiliate marketing program, you’ll appreciate our depth of knowledge and wealth of understanding. These traits come through time-tested methods only available from Gen3.

    Unparalleled Breadth Of Data

    Craft perfectly optimized campaigns every single time. Our unmatched size gives us access to a breadth of data unavailable to any other agency. That reach translates into world-class relationships with publishers and networks that operate on a deeper level. This yields higher returns than our competition.

    Unrivaled Buying Power

    It’s that same scale that provides Gen3 with unrivaled buying power. We do more business with publishers than any other affiliate agency. This is something every publisher or network remembers when it’s time to engage.

    Account Team Size

    Don’t be one of dozens of clients an account manager is juggling. Get the white-glove service you deserve. Size and experience matter when building an agency team as well. At Gen3, account managers outnumber and outwork competing affiliate teams. We also employ some of the most tenured professionals in the affiliate marketing industry.

    Award Winning Team

    We are, hands down, THE most awarded affiliate marketing agency, and we bring this same commitment to quality to every partnership.

    Network Certifications

    Our team helps drive the technology roadmap for the leading affiliate platforms. As for certifications, the account teams at Gen3 represent the largest group of network-certified professionals in the world.

    We annually renew our accreditations with CJ Affiliate, Impact, Rakuten Advertising, Awin, and other affiliate marketing networks. We also host more CJ Ambassadors than any other agency in the space and are credited asan Impact Diamond Partner and Rakuten Advertising’s Platinum Agency Partner.

    Partner Development

    We have a huge network of performance marketing relationships, including a global repository of leading publishers and influencers across all verticals.

    Industry Benchmarks

    Because we are network agnostic and have worked with so many industries for so many years, we have access to vertical specific performance trend data across multiple affiliate platforms on top of our own proprietary database. We use this mountain of data to build winning campaigns for you.

    Our status and scale allow us to make inroads in affiliate circles that are impossible for our competitors to imitate.

    The difference is big, and the results speak for themselves.

    The World’s Strongest Affiliate Programs Start With Gen3 

    Whether you want to boost sales, generate leads, or promote your brand, our affiliate programs will harmonize with your business goals.

    The Gen3 team who will manage your affiliate marketing program have a multi-disciplinary skillset. They’re experts with a complete understanding of how all aspects of digital marketing interact. We use this comprehension to optimize your program, always searching for new ways to improve it over time.

    Our professionals can create custom marketing solutions specific to any brand and industry. We’ll account for your needs and desired outcome in order to create the perfect affiliate program for your business.

    From improving conversion rates to promoting your company’s products, we fine tune your campaign to meet any objective.

    What If I Already Have An Affiliate Program? 

    Have an existing affiliate marketing program that isn’t generating the return you think it should? We hear that a lot.

    Let our experts take the helm or work with your internal team to grow your program. With our knowledge and expertise, we make sure your affiliate program reaches its full potential.

    We cover everything you need to manage an effective full-service affiliate program for your business.

    Gen3 Marketing Is The Right Choice For Any Business, Large Or Small 

    From beauty tech to fintech, we can work with any size company in any niche, including yours.

    We got our start as an affiliate marketing agency, and it’s still the cornerstone of our business. With the clients and service offerings of a global agency, we still provide the nimble, personalized service of a smaller company.

    The result: a well-rounded solution that’s perfect for companies and corporations of nearly any size.

    At Gen3, we take pride in the success of our clients. We have the portfolio and case studies to back up our results. It’s vital to us that you’re completely satisfied with your affiliate marketing program. The breadth and depth of our client roster is a testament to that success. From end to end, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.