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Affiliate Marketing Services

Get the results you’ve been dreaming of.
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From boosting profitability and qualified conversions to growing website traffic, the Gen3 Marketing team can help you optimize your affiliate program’s performance to align with your business goals and KPIs.

Gain Best-In-Class Affiliate Marketing Management

Whether you’re feeling stagnant, getting lackluster results, lacking bandwidth, or just getting started, we’ll breathe life into your affiliate and performance marketing programs.

Most brands’ affiliate channels generate 7-10% of their online business. We double that. The average long-term Gen3 client sees 10-20%.

How do we achieve that? We have more years of combined experience in affiliate marketing management than any other agency in existence.

We are the original pioneers. We’ve done it all, and we know what works.

Our performance marketing service offerings are beyond comprehensive. Read on for more details about:

  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Recruitment
  • Optimization
  • Compliance
  • Reporting

Want More Sales? We Know How!

Become hyperfocused on driving efficiencies and exponential returns for your business.

As the world’s largest affiliate marketing agency, we have run more campaigns and have more data than anyone else in the industry. Plus, our experience has earned us the strongest publisher relationships, negotiation rates, and buying power of any affiliate agency in the world.

Within six months of working with us, you’ll start to see mind blowing month-over-month, year-over-year growth. Like clockwork.

Here are just a few examples of how we’ve moved the needle and driven ROI for our clients:


  • Paula’s Choice Sees 209% YoY Increase In Content Partner Revenue
  • Lorex Achieves 200% Growth with Deep Dive Analysis
  • A New Amazon PPC Approach Drives 10X Growth for Chicco
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Best-in-Class Affiliate Marketing Management Services

Gen3 provides you with everything required to build and maintain an affiliate program that generates meaningful, incremental growth. Here are just a few ways our full-service affiliate management company will help you win:

  1. Building a program for launch in your choice of affiliate networks.
  2. Developing and evolving your program’s strategy and budget.
  3. Negotiating with affiliate networks.
  4. Managing, nurturing, and corresponding with your critical affiliate relationships.
  5. Assisting in integration and administration.
  6. Recruiting targeted affiliates for meaningful brand representation.
  7. Optimizing affiliate relationships with strategic, goal-driven online strategies.
  8. Approving affiliate partnerships based on your unique direction.
  9. Overseeing affiliate program management.
  10. Analyzing channel trends and performance.
  11. Reporting on insights, milestones, sales, recruitment, and profitability.
  12. Testing innovative ways to promote your brand and learning from those tests to inspire continuous improvement.


Because we work with all major affiliate networks, we have a depth of data and insights that our competitors simply can’t match. We know how to leverage the data from all networks and use it to help you optimize your program for more conversions and higher ROI.

We can also provide you with the best recommendations for your brand, without any conflict of interest. Being network agnostic means you can be certain our recommendations are in your best interests.

We also offer competitive tracking data that goes back more than five years. Don’t be caught off-guard by what your competitors are doing. Our data allows you to be proactive rather than reactive.

Client Over Network

We do what’s best for you. Always.

Gen3’s affiliate program services are unique in that we are network agnostic – we work with all the major affiliate networks. Working with CJ, Rakuten, Impact, Awin, and every other major affiliate network helps us extract the most actionable data for every one of our clients.

We can gather and leverage data from them all. So, let’s use the networks that work best for you.



Leading-edge tech + Proprietary data = World-class results.

We are a pioneer in the affiliate marketing space and leverage leading technologies to provide best-in-class service. When utilized alongside our proprietary processes and systems, the result is top performing programs for our clients.

We leverage our network partnerships and the specialized technologies that they offer. Internally, we have over 16 years of data that we leverage with our external technology stacks. This enables us to provide strategy and actions that our competitors simply can’t.

We have intellectual property around attribution tracking that is part of reporting capability that we can provide. Beyond that, we have customized contact and workflow management platforms to create efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Our dedicated training team ensures new hires gain the knowledge and skills required. This is all while educating our existing teams on the ever-changing affiliate market.


Scale bigger. Scale faster. By attracting and engaging the right publisher partners.

Beyond traditional affiliates, our standard offering includes research, identification, and onboarding of targeted content sites, niche publishers, blogs, and influencers specific to any vertical or subject matter.

A good affiliate marketing program recognizes the importance of orchestrating a bespoke array of publications and placement types along all stages of the funnel. We have the largest database of active clients to benchmark and compare against.

With more account managers building and uncovering new relationships than other agencies, we can leverage our 20+ year relationships with key publishers to your benefit.

We also boast a massive cache of internal data and years of comprehensive testing. This allows us to pay publishers what they are truly worth – and to target investment in the areas most meaningful to driving your business forward.

Our dedicated publisher development team evaluates hundreds of publishers each year. Each account manager at Gen3 can quickly curate qualified opportunities and relationships on your behalf, enabling unparalleled scale.


Eliminate the guesswork. Take advantage of our data and benchmarks.

Optimization of your program is among the biggest distinctions when it comes to affiliate marketing services. Nobody can optimize your program better than we can.

We leverage existing relationships to improve placement positioning and provide incremental opportunities for each program.

Likewise, we can increase brand awareness by occupying additional shelf-space and see who is underperforming compared to internal indexes. We can also identify who is overperforming, which may be an indication of fraud.

At Gen3 Marketing, we have a large client database to benchmark against, inclusive of publishers and placement performance.


You CAN stay in compliance and still produce incredible results. (Yes, even you, financial services.)

The cost of non-compliance is high. Thanks to our collective experience, we can protect our clients from making common and costly mistakes (the same mistakes an in-house affiliate manager or less experienced agency might overlook).

It’s our mission to drive KPIs in the best way possible, so optimization is essential. We conduct routine audits of content, offers, creative assets, and text links to ensure all messaging is consistent.

As an agency, we also have access to exclusive resources on the publisher side. This enables us to address and close any issues quickly. The sheer number of affiliate resources we employ allows us to move across the entirety of the space quickly. Few can match our team’s responsiveness or capability.

To ensure this all runs as seamlessly as possible, we license a suite of automated tools on our clients’ behalf that allow us to create industry-leading efficiencies within the overall compliance process. It’s all part of our standard program management.


Always stay in the know. Utilize our detailed reporting to perfectly optimize your campaigns again and again.

Analyzing and understanding publisher, program, and campaign performance enables us to constantly refine our efforts and always position our client programs ahead of the pack. It’s this understanding that empowers us to deliver topline increases year after year.

Through our reporting, our team will:

  • Review KPI trends against channel goals.
  • Assess market shifts, wins, and losses.
  • Report on program milestones.
  • Identify data anomalies.
  • Forecast performance in the coming months.
  • Identify and share competitive intel with routine competitive analysis.

Our reporting is custom tailored and can be scheduled as needed. We want you to have complete visibility into your program’s performance.

Full-Funnel Customer Connections 

In order to create a sustainable ROI while increasing long-term sales for your brand, we take a full-funnel approach. That means, we are well-equipped to help you meet your customers where they are. And engage with them at every stage of their journey.

Generate the traffic you need and the brand love you want by creating meaningful customer connections by exploring all our performance marketing services.

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