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Paula’s Choice Skincare works with a big variety of publishers. With a focus on content publishers and influencers, they see value in working with all types of affiliates.

However, Paula’s Choice was facing a rapidly fading affiliate program. Having had a goal of 10% YoY growth, the program was actually pacing down by 2% YoY.

Having left for another agency, Paula’s Choice Skincare returned to OPM Pros, A Gen3 Marketing Company, in 2019.

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OPM Pros took over management of the program and developed an action-oriented & personalized program strategy for reconnecting with content publishers and influencers.  Having refocused the strategy, the agency forged close partnerships & rebuilt tight communications with top-tier content partners.


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YoY increase in 7-figure gross
affiliate sales.
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YoY increase in new-to-file
customers (goal was 15%).
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YoY increase in content partner
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increase in traffic (clicks) for
content partners.
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YoY click increase.
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increase in active program

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Looking for OPM Pros?

Gen3 Marketing is excited to announce the unification of all its acquisitions into a single entity.
OPM Pros, AffiliateManager.com, Optimus-pm, and OAK Digital have united with Gen3 Marketing to form the largest independent affiliate agency in the world.
Through this integration, Gen3 Marketing will operate as a unified digital agency with a primary focus on the successful execution of affiliate partnerships and online marketing campaigns.
Now more than ever, our strategy will leverage proprietary data and established relationships to achieve industry-leading results.