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Leveraging E-E-A-T in SEO content to grow organic traffic and gain trust among a key client’s core demographic.

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Google Search Impressions
Organic Pageviews Increase
Daily Click Improvement (YoY)

The Challenge

A client with a niche service offering aimed to boost organic traffic and establish thought leadership in the property and casualty insurance software sector.

Despite being an established player, they struggled with low brand awareness and industry recognition, compounded by strong competition and dominant publications drawing readership.

The Gen3 Approach

Gen3 Marketing collaborated with the client to align an SEO solution with industry trends, crafting tailored content around their business priorities. This resulted in a monthly content calendar, publishing up to five unique pieces on the client’s site.

Conducting keyword and industry research, Gen3 developed diverse content formats, ensuring quality through in-house expertise and client approval before publication.

The Results

Organic traffic saw substantial improvements:

  • +32.07% increase in total organic pageviews (20,281 vs 15,356).
  • +212.15% increase in organic pageviews to a conversion page where visitors could “request a demo” (428 vs 1,336).
  • Organic search impressions greatly increased, totaling 1.02 million over 12 months.
  • Daily clicks improved by +82% YoY with a consistent, stable CTR.
  • Average position in Google Search improved by 9 points (YoY).

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