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Because of the situation at hand, the Streaming platforms and Gen3 team decided to take a radically new approach to the program overall. With an increased budget from the Streaming platforms side, it was decided to focus primarily on content publishers in promoting new releases onto the platform with a secondary goal to promote coupon codes.

With the supposition that we would capture more top of funnel customers, we predicted this tactic would significantly increase the amount of overall signups we drove, increase the LTV of new signups, and decrease the number of free trial cancellations with the mindset that a content lead is more valuable and less likely to cancel their subscriptions than a coupon or loyalty lead.


With this plan in mind, the  and Streaming platforms team used our resources to bring in big name content publishers like Vox Media, and significantly increased the production of existing content partners like Ziff Media and Skimlinks.


Through these partners we saw the percentage of total sales from content publisher rise from 44% in 2019 to 70% in 2020, accounting for a 60% increase YoY. Additionally, we saw revenue increase across this same period from $62.5k to $192.3k for a rise of 207% YoY. At the same time, Coupon and Sub-Affiliate networks saw a 69% and 43% decrease in revenue generated overall. This new plan has proven to be extraordinarily successful, not only in driving higher-converting traffic through a content-rich strategy but also in providing a higher payout to content partners; has helped build stronger and more effective relationships with them.

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increase in revenue from April to June 2020
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rise in revenue YoY

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Looking for OPM Pros?

Gen3 Marketing is excited to announce the unification of all its acquisitions into a single entity. OPM Pros, AffiliateManager.com, Optimus-pm, and OAK Digital have united with Gen3 Marketing to form the largest independent affiliate agency in the world.

Through this integration, Gen3 Marketing will operate as a unified digital agency with a primary focus on the successful execution of affiliate partnerships and online marketing campaigns.

Now more than ever, our strategy will leverage proprietary data and established relationships to achieve industry-leading results.