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Impactful Resurgence in Fashion Retail: From In-House Management to 306% Yearly Growth


Growth in Year-over-Year performance on the first year.


Year-over-Year growth on the second year, maintaining momentum.


A leading fashion apparel and footwear retailer faced the challenge of expanding their online presence and market share in a highly competitive digital landscape. Previously managing their affiliate program in-house, they teamed up with Gen3 to overhaul their strategy. The goal was to amplify their brand, reach new customers, and achieve aggressive growth goals in a bustling online space.


Gen3 initiated with a comprehensive gap analysis, identifying key areas for improvement across various affiliate verticals like loyalty, deal, niche, and search. Capitalizing on long-standing industry relationships, they rapidly communicated the new partnership, ensuring swift activation and wider exposure for the retailer. Gen3 also revamped publisher communications, elevating the retailer’s commitment to the affiliate channel and garnering increased exposure. Rigorous screening removed publishers engaging in unethical practices, ensuring a clean, cost-effective program. Strategic compensation adjustments, based on prior Gen3 tests and careful new evaluations, redirected funds to publishers driving top-funnel traffic, boosting overall incrementality without increasing program costs.


The collaboration between Gen3 and the retailer has been a story of unparalleled success. It led to meteoric program growth, establishment of robust long-term relationships, and adaptive strategies to navigate an ever-changing market. The partnership consistently met and exceeded aggressive, year-over-year growth targets.

  • First Year: An astonishing 306% growth in Year-over-Year (YoY) performance.
  • Second Year: Maintained momentum with a significant 38% YoY growth.

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