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Electronics Manufacturer Affiliate Program


Gen3 took over the management of an existing electronics manufacturer/retailer’s affiliate program, previously managed in-house, in 2018, which first launched on the Commission Junction network in early 2013. Though the program was showing consistent growth, it was not scaling to internal expectations and YoY increases were coming at high cost from an ROAS standpoint. In order to meet this retailer’s aggressive program growth goals and secure additional market share in an increasingly crowded online space, Gen3 collaborated with the retailer to develop strategies that best amplified their brand messaging and value propositions to reach new customers.


Gen3 immediately ran a gap analysis against our in-house database to identify publisher gaps across key publisher types (loyalty, deal, niche, search) and leveraged long-time relationships to quickly spread the word of the Client/Gen3 collaboration (to secure quick launch, activation, and exposure for the retailer). We quickly saw a 20% increase in traffic-driving publishers, with a 25% increase in sale-active affiliates.​

Through leveraging learnings from previous Gen3 incrementality/elasticity testing, we were able to strategically reduce select publisher compensations (down nearly 30%) for the retailer without any discernable decrease in topline revenue. These dollars were reallocated towards publishers that historically drive top-funnel traffic, creating overall incrementality with no additional program costs. 

Gen3 also noted some active publishers with a history of trademark squatting, cookie-stuffing, and other black-hat tactics and quickly removed them from the program (ensuring an above-board program with the added benefit of reduced program costs).​


We were also successful in leveraging top/mid-funnel content and influencer sites to drive significant traffic/sales contributions (over 30% of all program traffic in most months), assisting in diversifying the program as well as introducing thousands of new customers to the brand.​


Agency Awards Background Circle
Meteoric program growth

Gen3 and the retailer have worked together to tremendous mutual success, showing meteoric program growth (323% overall). Gen3 has continuously provided tactics and adapted program strategy to meet the needs of an ever-evolving channel while exceeding expectations and surpassing YoY goals.​

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