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Consumer Electronics Accessories Affiliate Program


Amazon announced large reductions in the commission rates of its affiliate program. The slashed rates drastically reduced the earnings of sale-active publishers, with some product categories dropping commission rates by over 70%. To mitigate losses, websites and publishers began shifting their focus to other affiliate programs.


Gen3’s goal was to recruit content pubs that were presumably successful with Amazon and convert them into sales-generating pubs for our client’s affiliate program. We also wanted to increase reach in the affiliate channel with current on-brand click and sale active publishers with the hopes of increasing their number of conversions.

Our team targeted select content sites for aggressive growth plans and worked closely with the client to strengthen publisher partnerships through customized content, enhanced exposure, and adjusted compensation models.

Gen3 developed a revised outreach strategy that ensured all our client’s relevant content (top-selling products, new releases, top converting promotions/sales) was communicated through all relevant mediums.


Gen3’s strategy led to huge improvements through powerful partners


Agency Awards Background Circle
YoY increase in
CNN Underscored source visits
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YoY increase in demands
Agency Awards Background Circle
Increase in revenue


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Generated a sale in May
Agency Awards Background Circle
Increase in Sales YoY


Agency Awards Background Circle
Increase in referred visits YoY
Agency Awards Background Circle
Increase in demands
Agency Awards Background Circle
Increase in revenue

This far outpaced YoY growth for all other publishers in the program where growth was +92% in traffic, +112% in demand, and +110% in sales – 34 unique content sites generated an impressive increase of +143% YoY. Although seasoned Amazon partners were not easily swayed to begin promoting our client directly, the substantial increase in content development, reach, and topline sales generated by the relevant sites already part of the program was significant.

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