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90% Higher ROAS: Affiliate Marketing Success for an Electronics and Accessories Retailer on Amazon

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Higher ROAS with Amazon Content Partners.
Active Publisher Engagement.
Total Sales Contribution.
New Page Views.


Facing intense competition and challenges in scaling their Amazon sales, a prominent retailer in the electronics and accessories sector sought to effectively monetize upper funnel traffic and maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS). The retailer aimed to improve the efficiency of their marketing strategies specifically for Amazon.


Gen3 Marketing initiated a robust Amazon Affiliate program, designed to bolster long-term growth and enhance the retailer’s presence on the platform. This initiative focused on forging partnerships with influential upper-funnel publishers to drive significant traffic to the retailer’s Amazon product pages. Content was optimized to increase visibility and engagement on Amazon. A key feature of the program was a 14-day attribution window with impressive conversion rates, tailored to highlight the benefits of the Amazon ecosystem.


  • Engagement with 45 Key Influencers: Approximately 20% of these influencers actively drove sales, demonstrating effective utilization of their extensive reach.
  • Over 33,000 New Page Views: These views significantly contributed to 8% of total Amazon sales for the retailer, underlining the success of the content strategy.
  • 90% Higher ROAS with Amazon Content Partners: The Amazon affiliate program realized a ROAS that was 90% higher than with D2C content publishers, showcasing the superior efficiency of the Amazon-focused approach.
  • Formation of Strategic Media Partnerships: The initiative led to significant collaborations with major media partners like Tom’s Hardware and Buyersreport.org, which were pivotal in transitioning from a direct-to-consumer focus to a more collaborative, platform-centric marketing strategy.

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