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What is premium content?

Affiliate premium content is shopping-related content that allows a publication’s audience to inform, educate, and guide users with their purchase decisions. In the affiliate space, it’s commonly referred to as commerce content, affiliate content, mass media content, or affiliate PR.

From a marketing perspective, premium content drives brand awareness through brand features and drives traffic and sales through commissionable links from a credible publication.

Diversified premium content generally includes dedicated reviews, SEO ranked content, listicles, native checkout, syndication, awards, and more.

How does Gen3 leverage premium content for clients?

Gen3 Marketing’s premium content service is an extended arm of traditional affiliate management. Our experts build relationships with top-tier media companies and facilitate commerce content coverage that drives performance and builds brand awareness.

To deliver meaningful premium content, our team merges traditional affiliate and public relations strategies. This content tells a brand story and drives trackable traffic and revenue through the affiliate channel. Premium content is an effective means for enhancing nearly any affiliate marketing program.

How does a premium content strategy work?

Our team manages all aspects of your brand’s premium content strategy, with a process that’s proven and effective. We aim to promote a compelling brand story that aligns with editorial timelines while achieving your program’s objectives.

1. We implement competitive affiliate and PR strategies to diversify affiliate content, scalable via paid and CPA-based efforts.

2. We know what content drives traffic and sales for brands, what commission publications need for recruitment, and what placements publications offer.

3. We conduct communications planning and strategy that incorporate both the publication’s editorial calendars and the brand’s marketing calendars.

4. We negotiate placements and editorial content through competitive industry commissions or dedicated flat fee spend to elevate brand campaigns and key promotional dates.

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    What reporting is included as part of a premium content strategy?

    When it comes to premium content, we offer robust reporting to inform our approach. We measure premium content’s impact by utilizing industry affiliate and PR tools. The result is a well-rounded performance and brand awareness analysis.

    Our reporting combines affiliate and PR KPIs to effectively measure content performance and brand storytelling efficacy.

    Common premium content KPIs include percent of program traffic, return on average spend (ROAS), press hits, engagement, and unique monthly visitors.

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