Second Screeners Now More Involved with Twitter TV Timelines

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we enjoy and interact with our favorite TV programs. Popular events like the Grammys, The Voice and The Blacklist are just a few that catch a buzz from their respective fans on both Facebook and Twitter.

While Facebook reports higher numbers of engagement after events have concluded (mostly due to it’s wider audience and the metrics it reports upon being Likes/Shares), Twitter has been far and away more viral, discovery focused and a more likely tool for finding new content in real time.

Twitter now releases TV Timelines and will give users a pop up when it notices they have been using specific hashtags related to TV content. This new hub is focused on Highlights, Media and All and gives users a direct line to their favorite feeds related to the program they are watching.

In fact, 15% of viewers have said they enjoyed programming more when social media is involved, per Nielson. Here is a breakdown of how second screeners use their devices while watching TV: Second_Screen_and_Twitter_Timelines Advertisers are finding creative ways to ride the timelines of TV. But this can be perceived as trolling and can quickly hurt a campaign. Twitter TV Timelines are only available on iPhones March 12th update at this point. We can presume that a larger rollout will follow shortly as the impact of social for second screeners becomes a larger opportunity for content developers and advertisers alike.

Want to take a look at the new TV Timelines?  Here’s a detailed piece on Mashable that outlines the update.

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