Philanthropy Event: Mitzvah Circle Foundation

The Gen3 Team, Giving Back To A Great Local Cause.

At Gen3 Marketing, we strongly believe in the importance of giving back, both to the community and to the families and individuals who can benefit from our support.

That’s why, just a few weeks ago, a handful of members from the Gen3 team volunteered their time to the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, a noteworthy, non-profit organization which provides material support to individuals and families going through tough times, ranging from financial difficulty and homelessness to serious illness.

While at the Mitzvah Circle warehouse, the Gen3 team helped put together care packages to be sent to families and individuals in need throughout the United States. Each package was assembled to appeal to both specific and general material needs, from clothing for children to common household items including toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and diapers.

The packages would also include a hand-written note from the person who gathered its contents, intended to offer kind words of support to people who could surely use them.

The experience itself was eye-opening, giving the team a surprisingly intimate look at the struggles these families and individuals are facing. While all names were kept confidential, hearing about their experiences and the dire circumstances of each situation made volunteering feel tremendously personal – and in turn, far more impactful.

In our time spent at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation’s warehouse, located in Harleysville, PA (just a short 20-minute drive north of the Gen3 Marketing main office), we managed to pack more than 20 boxes that would be shipped out to families and individuals in need.

Much like our last philanthropy event, our time spent at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation was truly special. It even led to the placement of a donation bin for the foundation, prominently placed at the main entrance of the Gen3 office.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, make a donation, or volunteer your own time, visit for more information.

Gen3 Marketing at Mitzvah Circle Foundation
Gen3 Marketing at Mitzvah Circle Foundation
Gen3 Marketing at Mitzvah Circle Foundation
Gen3 Marketing at Mitzvah Circle Foundation

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