Mobile-Friendly Officially Considered a Ranking Signal

Two new announcements from Google were posted officially on Thursday (Feb. 26th, 2015) and come as no surprise as the world of mobile and app consumption surpass desktop usage in 2015.

As a result of this, the search giant will weigh websites that are “mobile-friendly” greater than those that are not starting April 21st, 2015.  In addition, starting right away, more relevant app content will display in search results.Mobile Comscore


The ComScore US Mobile App Report broke down Desktop vs. Mobile vs. App in a way that clearly illustrates the mobile trends direction, which show a 24% increase in mobile (with a 52% increase in in app usage).  These findings are not surprising but lead many marketers toward new opportunities in advertising.

App Comscore

While the advertising dollars have not yet caught up with this trend it is inevitably a growing segment for 2015 and future years.  But what about Google’s recent announcement of Mobile-Friendly websites absorbing rank factors?


This comes after recent posts from the official Google Webmaster Central blog about testing your site for mobile friendliness as well as the launch of a Mobile Usability Report.  Google also mentions the change in rankings correlation between common configuration mistakes.  These can be seen and addressed within your Webmaster Tools account (Smartphone Crawl Errors, faulty redirects & Soft 404s).  So it comes as no surprise that an announcement of mobile-friendly as a ranking signal was published.


Faulty Redirects


Understand the Google User-Agent Mobile Bot.  Know what to look for in smartphone errors.  And test your site for Mobile-Friendliness.  Google has given webmasters until April 21st when it introduces its mobile-friendly signal within the algorithm.

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