Customer Match for Shopping – Coming Soon

Google announced it will be rolling out it’s popular Customer Match offer for Shopping Campaigns.

This is an extension to Customer Match, which is currently available for Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Customer Match for Shopping allows retailers to upload targeted email lists for inclusion (or exclusion), which will then be matched against logged in Gmail users in a secure way.

E-Marketers have been using Customer Match already since September of 2015.  Similar, but different, than Custom Audiences from Facebook (Which launched in October 2013) Google will let advertisers bid and create ads tailored to customer segments in Shopping & Image Search as well as with YouTube Trueview ads and Gmail ads.

Customer Match can be used to increase the visibility of your brand and products to your highest value customers as they search. Google

The ability for e-tailers, and more important brick-and-mortar brands, to target based off of high value customer lists and prospects is now becoming even more adoptable for small businesses.

The ease of use for SEM and PPC management teams to upload segmented audiences and target accordingly to generate even higher CTR and ROAS is a tactic any business owner will want to take advantage.

To learn more about Customer Match for Shopping contact Gen3 Marketing.

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