A Gen3 Marketing, we value our relationships with clients, publishers, and networks.

Whether your business is large or small, we always strive to provide your company with the best service possible. See below what our current clients, publishers, and networks have to say about working with the experts at Gen3 Marketing.


Jimmy Jazz

“We have experienced phenomenal profitable growth in our affiliate channel since partnering with Gen3 as our ‘agency of choice’ over four years ago. The team’s attention to detail, account representation, and stellar reputation in the publisher world is second to none. They have a full comprehension of our brand, the vendors we represent, and are able to seek out long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that drive consistent growth in this very important channel. Hands down, they are the ‘best in class’ agency to be aligned with in this sector.”

– David Wachter, Division President at Jimmy Jazz

Advance Auto Parts

“My team at Gen3 Marketing has been instrumental in the success of our affiliate program. I have been repeatedly challenged internally to deliver more from the affiliate program, and time and time again, Gen3 has delivered the strategic insight and tactical execution to support those efforts. As a result of their collaboration, affiliate is the shining star amongst our marketing programs, and I’m the rockstar within the organization. I couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”

– Heath Bradbury, eBusiness Marketing Manager at Advance Auto Parts

Life is Good

“Gen3 is a great extension of our Ecommerce Marketing team. Our Gen3 team works very hard to gain profitable placements and partnerships, as well as to help us meet our budgeted goals. Gen3 is very proactive in managing, optimizing, and bringing new opportunities to our account. I am looking forward to continued success in 2015.”

– Christina Burton, eCommerce Marketing Manager at lifeisgood.com

Chloe + Isabel

“In the short time we’ve worked with Gen3, they’ve really been able to make meaningful recommendations and changes to our accounts which will continue to positively impact our business. Their responsiveness, thoroughness, and expertise in their fields is something we greatly appreciate! Looking forward to our continued relationship with Gen3!”

– Nadine Kern , Chloe + Isabel

MMA Warehouse

“Working with Gen3 has been like having a top affiliate marketer on our staff. They are extremely active and timely in engaging all of our affiliates, and have done an excellent job bringing top-name publishers into our program. Week after week, we see incremental gains in our affiliate performance, so we know we’re in good hands with Gen3.”

– Mika Casey, Chief Executive Officer at MMA Warehouse

Chavez for Charity

“Gen3 Marketing has become a valuable extension of our online business, providing creative digital strategies, great content, and social media management. The team has been able to quickly and professionally develop our web site, online business, and organic search.”

– Joe Cerbo, Co-founder/CEO at Chavez for Charity

Only Natural Pet Store

“We have been very impressed with the immediate results since Gen3 took over our affiliate program. The program is performing better than it has in years, and a year-long downward trend was turned around within six weeks. Plus, it’s a real pleasure working with the Gen3 team – all super smart and very fun to work with. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!”

– Alex Hay, Digtal Marketing Manager at Only Natural Pet Store

Air & Water, Inc.

“Gen3 has been very innovative and proactive in maintaining and growing our affiliate program. Gen3 continually works to generate sales from new affiliates, and I am updated daily about the progress of new deals and opportunities. I am very appreciative of the effort and creativity Gen3 puts into our affiliate program.”

– Luke Peters, President/CEO at Air & Water, Inc.


“Our relationship with Gen3 has helped us achieve very positive results in our affiliate channel. Excellent communication, proactive account management, and vast expertise make them an effective extension of our marketing team. They have sought out and recruited a wide range of publishers, which has not only increased our revenue, but also reduced our risk. We look forward to continued success with Gen3.”

– Rob Levin, eCommerce Marketing Manager at WWE Consumer Products

Eye Buy Direct

“We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Gen3 for over six years now. Gen3 built our affiliate marketing program from scratch, generating continual double-digit growth month and yearly without fail. But those numbers tell only half the story. The team at GEN3 are fantastic to work with. They are dedicated and professional. They understand our needs and are always there to accommodate them. Quite simply put, Gen3 are good people who deliver great results. We couldn’t be happier.”

– Matan Armoni of Eye Buy Direct

Taylor Gifts | ShopGetOrganized.com

“I work with a lot of agencies, and Gen3 is easily my favorite. What separates them from the pack is how proactive they are. Gen3 is constantly looking for opportunities to boost sales that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Also, unlike other agencies who change your account management team periodically, Gen3 offers a great amount of stability. Have have been a client for going on four years, and my account team has been handling my program with proficiency from the get go. I highly recommend Gen3 to anyone who wants to take their affiliate business to the next level.”

– Benjamin Schloss, Director of eCommerce at Taylor Gifts | ShopGetOrganized.com


“We’ve been partnered with Gen3 since May of 2010, and their understanding of the affiliate marketing space and attention to detail never cease to amaze. They’re truly an amazing partner and an extension of our LifeLock affiliate team. Over the years, they’ve helped us identify many new affiliate opportunities and continuously provide us with the in-depth reporting and tools to help us make the right decisions for our business. We’re happy to have Gen3 as a partner and hope to continue expanding out relationship further as our affiliate program grows.”

– Sagi Cezana, Director, Affiliates at LifeLock

Hearst (CosmoBody)

“Gen3 is more than just an agency. They are a great partner who cares about our business results as much as we do. They are always looking a new strategic and creative solutions that drive strong performance.”

– Nada Arnot, VP Marketing and Growth at Hearst (CosmoBody)


Stoorz.com – SEO/CSE/Shopping Publisher

“Stoorz.com works with 100’s of retailers and a number of affiliate management companies. Gen3 is one of the most responsive and engaging management companies that we work with. We have constant contact with many of their staff, looking for new items to promote as well as tuning existing campaigns. They look out for the affiliates while serving their clients well. This is truly a fresh approach to affiliate marketing.”

– Steve Deshaies, President and CEO at Stoorz.com LLC

TechMedia NetworkSEO/CSE/Shopping Publisher

“The team at Gen3 Marketing works diligently to assist in their partners’ and clients’ success, determined to see that ‘no stone go unturned’ when it comes to new and existing opportunities to improve performance. As a publisher, it is refreshing to work with the Gen3 team and see the genuine interest they take in their clients’ goals and initiatives.”

– Melissa Corless, Sr. Business Development Manager at TopTenREVIEWS

Skim LinksSub-Affiliate Network

“The Gen3 team is a delight to work with. They have a strong knowledge of their clients and earnest desire to grow their programs. They’re always responsive and full of ideas. We really enjoy working with Gen3 and look forward to working with them more.”

– Jenny Williams, Merchant Manager at Skim Links

Shop Smart (dba BradsDeals.com)Daily Deals Publisher

“Gen3 has continually proven themselves to be a valuable partner for Brad’s Deals. They have a team comprised of extremely motivated individuals who all share a common ‘get-it-done’ work ethic, and are always willing to go the extra mile. Their positive attitude, collaborative teamwork, and dedication to quality relationships make them a first-class partner.”

– Scott Grossman, VP of Merchant Development at Shop Smart, Inc. (BradsDeals.com)

Savings.comShopping/Discount Publisher

“When I started working at Savings.com over 4 years ago, Gen3 was one of the first agencies that contacted me. Fast forward to 2013, and I now have a great working relationship with their internal team. They help me sustain the best commission rates, provide Exclusive offers for their clients, and listen to new and innovative ways to drive maximum revenue. Overall, I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Gen3 provides.”

– Jeff Savich, Account Manager at Savings.com

Linfield MediaPPC/Discount Publisher

“Everyone knows how hard Gen3 works for their clients. They’re always looking to hear new ideas, to test new offer strategies, to squeeze every possible dollar out of the affiliate space. But what’s most impressive, and what we’re most grateful for, is that, despite the fact that their clients are their number one priority, they are still able to make publishers like us feel like we’re a part of their team. There is nothing superficial about the friendships we have made with several of them, and it’s no coincidence that they rake in all the industry awards every year. They are good, honest people who are often the smartest guys/gals in the room, but never make you feel like they know it.”

– Joe Graceffa, Co-Founder of Linfield Media / PromoCodesForYou

Tech BargainsTechnology/Discount Publisher

“Over the years of working with the Gen3 team, I’ve really come to appreciate how dedicated and well-organized they are. Gen3 regularly brings us exclusives and targeted offers that demonstrate a depth of understanding of our audience that’s critical for success. They get what it takes to move the needle, and time and again, they have shown how diving into the details brings results. Gen3 clearly sees the delicate balance between advertisers and publishers, and they have consistently helped us build relationships that transform into solid partnerships. We look forward to growing TechBargains with Gen3 for years to come.”

– Mark Walters, Business Development Manager at TechBargains

DealTakerDiscount Publisher

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gen3 for many years. As far as OPMs go, they are definitely the cream of the crop! They have a great group of professionals that are always proactive in giving me information, and reactive whenever I have a question or issue. I think that anyone, merchant or publisher, is lucky to work with Gen3!”

– Alan Rapoport, Owner/Chief Editor at Dealtaker.com

DealMoonDiscount Publisher

“In general, we are very happy working with Gen3 Marketing, and they definitely have a lot of great advertisers on board. In the upcoming months, we would like to establish an even closer relationship with both the Gen3 team and the advertisers they work with, which will hopefully increase revenue even more with these advertisers.”

– Jennifer Wang, Executive Director at Dealmoon.com

Coupon CabinDiscount Publisher

“Coupon Cabin has worked with Gen3 since the beginning and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of their team members over the years. We really cannot say enough about how professional, personable, and motivated they are as a top agency. Gen3 understands how our site works and will convey that to their customers in efforts to achieve high performance levels. This makes for an extremely successful partnership between all parties. We look forward to working more closely with the Gen3 team in years to come!”

– Trisha Schroeder, Marketing Manager at Coupon Cabin, Inc.



“[The team at] Gen3 has an outstanding commitment to their clients and always works with the Rakuten LinkShare team to ensure mutual client satisfaction. Their level of service to customers and excellent partnership skills has helped new as well as many migrating clients grow their affiliate programs.”

– Beth Benedict, Director of Performance Marketing at LinkShare Corporation

CJ PPCall TeamNetwork

“Gen3 provides nothing but the very best to their clients. Not only are they masters of managing affiliate programs, they also excel at bringing cutting-edge opportunities to the table. They drive results, and they do so with a world-class account team. There’s a reason they have won the CJYou Agency of the Year award for outstanding network performance four years in a row!”

– Nicole Ron, Sr. Media Development Manager at Commission Junction

CJ Agency TeamNetwork

“I have had the opportunity and great pleasure to work with Gen3 Marketing since 2011. With their vast knowledge and expertise, they have proven themselves to be a leading agency in the affiliate marketing space. Gen3 approaches each project with a positive attitude and a noticeably high level of dedication and support for their clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every member of their team.”

– Leilana Cantrell, Account Manager at Commission Junction