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Gen3 Marketing Helps Out Locally At The SHARE Warehouse In Philadelphia

While our primary focus at Gen3 Marketing is to drive our clients’ ROI, optimize program effectiveness, and generate brand awareness, we recognize the importance of giving back to our local community.

That’s why, at least once a quarter, the Gen3 team takes a break from the marketing world and gives back in a creative new way. This time, we took our business to the SHARE Food Program.

The SHARE Food Program is a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious food to a network of 550 food cupboards and 250 host organizations each month. The program distributes discounted food to people who contribute two or more hours of service to their communities. Their mission is to promote healthy living by providing affordable, wholesome food to those willing to contribute through volunteerism.

With such a large network, we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we eagerly stepped up to the challenge.

The Gen3 team performed a wide range of tasks around the SHARE warehouse, from packing food to painting benches. Needless to say, we got our hands dirty. Almost the entire Gen3 team helped out, including Gen3 Principals Michael Tabasso and Andy Cantos, as they were the first to jump in and start unloading a shipment of goods.

As we unloaded the goods from the truck, we proceeded to weigh, wrap, and package them for shipment. These vegetables were being sent to a local farmers’ market where they would be sold at discounted prices to anyone who had completed at least two hours of community service.

After finishing our first chore in record time, we went outside to tend to the warehouse grounds. SHARE has their own greenhouse where they plant different fruits and vegetables to supplement the donations they receive. Some of us brought our green thumb and began planting, while others got down and dirty, pulling weeds and picking up trash.

Nick D’Amico, Senior Marketing Manager and Business Development Lead, showed his muscle by helping realign the fencing around the SHARE warehouse. After working in the sun for a few hours (and a quick run through the sprinklers to cool off), the Gen3 team moved on to their next project.

The SHARE team needed a little bit of extra help updating the look of their benches and planters. So, after sanding, we each grabbed a brush and let our inner Michelangelo take over. We were fortunate enough to have Gen3 Vice President of Marketing Jarrett Embry to supervise, because (as we quickly found out) we are much better marketers than we are artists. After a few pointers and touch-ups, all of the benches looked brand new and our day was complete.

Our time at the SHARE Food Program helped us to realize that not all are as fortunate as we might be, and that even the smallest amount of volunteerism goes a long way. We could not have been happier to partner with SHARE, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

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