Gen3 Marketing Engages Niche Publishers to Increase ROI and New Customer Acquisition

Gen3 began managing a large retail client specializing in the motorcycle industry. Initially, the program was first launched as “open” to publishers of all types, and quickly attracted a bevy of coupon and loyalty affiliates.  After analyzing the quality of traffic at a publisher level, it was noted that niche/content-focused sites were far more adept at generating true net-new sales for the advertiser (one of their main channel objectives).

As a first step, Gen3 modified the commissions of discount/cashback-focused affiliate sites, to appropriately reward them for simply assisting conversion. Our focus then shifted largely to the recruiting and optimizing niche publishers: any cycling-related website that was 100% content-focused. After extensive research to uncover where our key audiences “lived” online, it became clear that social media sites/meet-up groups (where we observed several active communities of motorcycle enthusiasts that could serve as viral advocates to the advertiser’s brand) offered previously-untapped opportunity.

After an extensive outreach campaign to introduce the brand and outline the basics of affiliate marketing (as many of these publishers were unfamiliar with the pay-for-performance model), we developed an offering in which these sites/pages could quickly set up trackable links and post their own content relevant to the client’s products. After some quick wins, we continued to successfully scale this strategy, which generated strong returns for the client.

After starting out with a large dependency on coupon and loyalty affiliates which facilitated conversion but did not generate a large number of net new customers, the vast majority of current program publishers are now niche focused.  As a result of this shift in strategy, the program will generate over seven figures in sales this year, up over 100% from year one in which coupon publishers were generating the bulk of the business.  Moreover, program ROI and net new customer acquisition are both significantly higher, which had led to very high level of client satisfaction.

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